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All-Russian Winter Postgraduate School anniversary


On February 24-25, the 15th All-Russian winter school-seminar for undergraduates, graduate students and young scientists "Actual problems of science and technology" will take place.

The work of the following scientific sections is planned:

1. Information and infocommunication technologies.

2. Mechanical engineering.

3. Electronics, instrument making and biotechnical systems.

4. Management in socio-economic systems.

5. Natural and human sciences.

6. Methods of teaching in a technical university.


Participants of the school-seminar can be students of master's and postgraduate programs, as well as young scientists (with a PhD degree up to 35 years old, with a doctoral degree up to 40 years old).

To participate in the conference you need:

- register on the website http://www.ugatu.su/zsha by uploading an article in doc/docx format, drawn up in accordance with the requirements, and an expert opinion (if available at the time of submission) on the possibility of publishing the article in the open press in pdf format;

- provide an expert opinion in paper form to the Project Initiatives Department (1-315).

The deadline for registration and acceptance of articles is February 21, 2022.

Materials of the school-seminar (articles) will be published after the school-seminar. Based on the recommendations received as a result of listening to the reports at the section meeting, a collection of materials from the school-seminars included in the RSCI will also be formed.

Each participant (full-time or part-time) of the school-seminar can be the author (co-author) of no more than two submitted articles. In this case, one of the co-authors of the submitted article must be a full-time participant in the conference.

Articles without reports at the school-seminar will not be included in the collection of materials.

Please note that at least one of the authors of the article must be a master's student, postgraduate student or young scientist.

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