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An agreement was signed between USATU, USPTU and Gazprom Transgaz Ufa


The 30th Anniversary International Exhibition-Forum “Gas. Oil. Technology" brought together 250 companies, speakers, experts from Russian regions and foreign countries on one platform. Right on the margins of the forum, new production facilities are launched and important agreements are signed.

One of these documents was signed by Alexei Elizarev, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of the Ufa State Technical University, Oleg Baulin, Rector of the Ufa State Petroleum Technical University, and Shamil Sharipov, General Director of Gazprom Transgaz Ufa. They signed a trilateral agreement on the network implementation of the educational program "Design of ground power plants based on aircraft and rocket engines."

It should be noted that the cooperation of universities in training personnel in the interests of the industrial partner is already underway, and today the parties have documented it.

Recall that within the framework of the specialty “Design of aircraft and rocket engines”, the Department of Aviation Engines of the Ufa State Aviation Technical University, together with Gazprom Transgaz Ufa, trains students in the specialization “Design of ground power plants based on aircraft and rocket engines”.

Students master such new educational courses as "Design and operation of gas turbine units of thermal power plants", "Equipment and automatic control systems for compressor stations", "Working processes of burners and combustion chambers", "Diagnostics and reliability of the main and auxiliary equipment of compressor stations", "Fundamentals operation of compressor station equipment”, etc.

Training under the program allows you to use effectively the potential of the engineering and technical center of OOO Gazprom transgaz Ufa to train highly qualified specialists.

Graduates will have competencies in the development, modernization and maintenance of gas turbine power plants used in the gas transmission system, and are in high demand in the labor market.

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