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Acceptance of applications for the second stage of the "Student Startup" competition has started


The Innovation Assistance Fund opens the acceptance of applications for the second stage of the Student Startup competition.

The competition is aimed at supporting university students in bachelor's, specialists, masters or postgraduate programs who are ready to develop a new product/product/technology/service based on their own scientific, technical and scientific and technological research with commercialization potential.

To participate, you must choose any of the seven thematic areas:

- digital technologies;

- medicine and technologies of health saving;

- chemical technologies and new materials;

- new devices and intelligent production technologies;

- biotechnology;

- resource-saving energy;

- creative industries.


The second wave of applications will last until 10:00 (Moscow time) on June 30, 2022.

A university student who receives a grant will have to:

- register a legal entity face;

- develop a business plan and a startup website.

Grants will be provided within the framework of the federal project "Platform of University Technological Entrepreneurship".

More: https://fasie.ru/studstartup/




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