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Professor Iskander Akhatov, Professor, Director of the Center for Materials Technology at Skoltech, held a lecture on "Mechanics and Physics in Materials Technologies" at the university as part of the scientific and educational project of the Eurasian REC.

The student hall "Trajectory" was full: students, researchers and leading scientists of the university came to listen to the speech of the famous professor. More than a hundred viewers joined the online broadcast.

In the photo: among the participants is the director of the Research Institute for Physics of Advanced Materials of the Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Professor Ruslan Valiev

In the photo: the moderator of the event - Professor Evgeny Parfenov

Professor Iskander Akhatov was born and raised in Ufa, studied at Moscow State University named after M. Lomonosov, taught at Bashkir and foreign universities. A great friend of our university, Iskander Shaukatovich worked for a long time with the rector of the UAI, Ryfat Rakhmatullovich Mavlyutov, and stood at the origins of the creation of the Institute of Mechanics of the USC RAS.

The First Vice-Rector for Science Rustem Enikeev welcomed the audience, who thanked the Eurasian Research and Education Center for organizing meetings of Ufa students with famous Russian scientists.

At the lecture, one could learn firsthand how Skoltech creates new composite materials and functional coatings used for transporting liquefied natural gas, radioactive waste disposal, and even for the production of biomedical implants; what applied and fundamental problems of hydrodynamics of dispersed systems are solved by modern researchers; about new concepts of design and production of materials and much more.

Everyone could ask the lecturer a question. By the way, the authors of the most interesting ones received gifts from Professor I. Akhatov and the organizers of the event - the Eurasian REC.

USATU is very grateful to Iskander Akhatov, Director of the Center for Materials Technology at Skoltech, for an interesting and informative lecture!

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