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To the 90th anniversary of USATU. Graduate Census: first results


For the 90th anniversary, the university launched a project "Census of the population of UAI-UGATU". Its goal is to bring people together, give them the opportunity to communicate and create a festive atmosphere for them. Before the start of the project, Rector Sergey Novikov addressed the graduates:

- We are well aware that we will not be able to bring everyone together, but it is in our power to become closer and get to know each other better.

More than a month has passed since the start of the project. During this time, more than two hundred people have registered. Graduates of different years shared their memories, words of gratitude to the university and wishes to the modern generation of students.

One of the first to register was Yulia Olegovna Urazbakhtina, a graduate of the Faculty of Aviation Instrumentation, now the dean of the same faculty (“The native faculty does not let go!” Yulia Olegovna assured).

- We had a great fun group, a wonderful committee, a CCR team, - our graduate recalls. - We participated everywhere and in everything: CCR, sports events, intellectual games. Nevertheless, the main thing has always been education. I especially remember the production practice at UAPA and UIPA, where professionals in their field communicated with us “on an equal footing”. With special gratitude, I remember my teachers, who not only gave me a huge amount of professional knowledge, but also became real mentors in all my endeavors, and I still go to them for support and advice.

Boris Yakovlevich Shulman graduated from the Faculty of Aircraft Engines in 1971. He gratefully remembers the brilliant teachers A. Petrov, A. Rakhmanovich, I. Bolotovsky, the construction team "Youth of the Fathers", a sports camp, a hostel on Mingazheva Street.

Since 2008, Boris Yakovlevich has been living in the city of Mytishchi, Moscow Region, and now he teaches children chess. His book for children on teaching the basics of chess will be released soon.

Ellina Kalimullina is a graduate of the Faculty of Emergency Protection in 2021.

“Over the years of training, I received such a range of emotions that I can’t find anymore,” says our graduate. - UGATU - you are in our hearts. Freshman, do not be afraid, do it, develop yourself, dive into all circles, but do not forget to study!

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