Student Design Bureau "Power Machines" starts selection of students


Representatives of USATU took part in the X Congress of Councils of Young Scientists

The rector of USATU appreciated the renovation in the student dormitory

Representatives of USATU are among the winners of the All-Russian Engineering Competition


UGATU postgraduate student won the information security competition


New student design and technology bureau at USATU


The winners and prizewinners of the Zvezda multidisciplinary engineering Olympia

The Second International Forum "Dialogue of Cultures: Russia-Balkans"


USATU presented its project to create an advanced engineering school

Universities such as USATU will help the aviation industry of the Russian Federation to become independent from imports

Leading aircraft manufacturers of Russia met at the USATU

Young scientists of USATU received awards of the competition for the best scientific work


USATU summed up the results of the Youth Olympiad in standardization

USATU and CSM of the Republic of Bashkortostan signed a cooperation agreement

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