Blog "SturmAvia" about the MiG-21 fighter in the USATU


Postgraduate students of USATU successfully master the network program in Marine Technical University

Congratulations of the Rector of the USATU Sergey Novikov on the Defender of the Fatherland Day

Monitoring of the Arctic with the help of a UAV of USATU students


UGATU graduate told how he dreamed of aviation and became an officer


Presentation of JSC "SEZ IPT" Alabuga"


Wearing masks and social distancing are mandatory!

USATU entered the Top 20 in the rating of media activity of the Russian universities


The rector congratulated the officers of the Military Training Center at USATU

International Mother Language day: "I remember a wonderful moment ..."

Student of USATU won the All-Russian Olympiad in Physical Education

The specialty of the future is being opened at the USATU


Graduates of the USATU Military Training Center were awarded degree certificstes and lieutenant epaulettes

An online series of lectures on entertaining chemistry has started at USATU

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